An author whose short story went ‘viral’ has clinched a huge advance for her debut short story collection.

Kristen Roupenian, who wrote ‘Cat Person’ – a story of a relationship gone bad has sold her debut book – You know you want this – to UK publisher Jonathan Cape for a high five-figure sum, with an 11-way auction in the US now understood to be topping $1m (£748,000).

“I was submitted the collection on Tuesday. By Wednesday, I had bought the book. She’s the real deal,” said Michal Shavit at Cape. “Cat Person captured the public imagination to become a phenomenon. You see that so rarely in literary fiction. It’s an extraordinary story of human relationships and the sexual dynamics between a man and a woman, the power plays within that. It doesn’t just play into the #metoo thing – she just writes very honestly and truthfully about the human experience.”