Figures released by the Association of American Publishers reveal that major publishers continue to report declining sales for digital product.

While independent and self published authors see their sales increase, the so-called big five publishers have reported sales down 11% from the same period in 2014.

The major publishing houses fought to gain control over pricing in battles with Amazon and Apple. Their stance was that the value remained in their product whether issued in print or as a download. Consumers though see things differently and appear less willing to pay as much (or sometimes more) for a download. Full price ebooks are selling fewer copies.

One area that has shown the biggest fall is that of books aimed at young adults, down a staggering 44.5%. This though is the consumer group who might be most expected to understand how to exploit technology. Pitching full price titles at readers who have grown up in a world of digital delivery is a strategy designed to fail.

Overall, the electronic book market, despite conflicting reports, seems to be stable, with only high publisher prices holding down more robust growth.