Booksamillion is one of the last bookstore chains to be operating in the US and is the de facto number two, next to Barnes and Noble. The bookseller has inked a new deal with Hachette to pioneer a new online store within a store concept. Hardcover and softcover books are available to be purchased and customers can save up to 40% on new titles.

A store within a store concept is a rather new endeavor with an established bookstore chain peddling Hachette titles. Why is this a big deal? Well Hachette and Amazon have been locked in a contract dispute that has seen pre-orders being disabled and five week shipping on most titles. Hachette is obviously looking to diversify away from exclusively relying on Amazon to generate 75% of their digital purchases.

The deal with Booksamillion goes beyond just having a dedicated part of their website facilitating book discovery, sales and shipping. As part of the agreement Booksamillion will be promoting discounts and new titles with press releases and social media.

Readers will benefit from saving 30% across the board on pre-order titles and the vast majority of Hachette backlist selection. In some cases discounts on hardcover editions are 40% off, giving customers the ability to buy them cheaper than Amazon.

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By Michael Kozlowski

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