Goodreader has reported that Harlequin plans to change how its eBooks handle digital rights management. They are getting rid of Adobe Digital Editions in favour of Overdrive DRM. To access content, readers who bought books direct from the Harlequin website need to download the Overdrive app.

Any readers who bought a Harlequin eBook direct from the publisher has until November 12 to back them up or lose access.

The company has not explained the reasoning behind this move, though speculation suggests the high costs of Adobe solutions is to blame.

The romance genre is dominated by indie authors and Harlequin is under financial pressure to cost costs with their ebook unit. Harlequin will continue to sell ebooks through the Amazon, B&N and Kobo ecosystems. This means you need to have a mainstream e-reader with a major ebookstore to buy and read ebooks. You will not be able to buy and ebook Harlequin ebooks on alternative e-readers like Pocketbook unless you pirate them.

And that’s a bad image to place in the head of anyone at a time when revenue matters.

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