Philip HofmanPhilip Hoffman has been named Chairman of Penguin Random House it was announced today by the company’s Board of Directors. He succeeds John Makinson, who will have served as the company’s Chairman for nearly three-and-a-half years when he retires from the position on December 31, 2016.

Penguin Random House is the world’s largest trade book publisher. The company, led by CEO Markus Dohle, was formed on July 1, 2013, with the merger of Penguin and Random House by Bertelsmann and Pearson, who own 53 percent and 47 percent, respectively.

Hoffman has served on the Penguin Random House Board of Directors and has held leadership positions for Penguin and Pearson for the past 27 years

Thomas Rabe, Chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann, said, “I congratulate Philip Hoffman on his appointment as the new Chairman of Penguin Random House. From the beginning, he has closely supported Penguin Random House’s development as an equally expert and responsible advisor. I look forward to working even more intensively with him in the future.

“At the same time, I would like to sincerely thank John Makinson for his outstanding contribution to the Penguin Random House success story over the past few years. The smooth integration of the two companies, the ongoing development of Penguin Random House, and many of the company’s successes would have been inconceivable without him.”

John Fallon, CEO of Pearson said, “Philip Hoffman has played a leading role in developing both Pearson and Penguin’s businesses over the past two decades. As Chairman, his strategic insights, commercial expertise, and industry knowledge will serve Penguin Random House extremely well.

“John Makinson spent a decade leading the creative and commercial resurgence of Penguin and the last four years ensuring the tie up with Random House builds on that success. In an engagement with Pearson that dates back to 1979, John has proved himself to be a highly talented and inspirational colleague for all seasons — distinguished journalist, finance director, publishing executive and leader, highly regarded by his colleagues and industry peers. We thank him for all his work on Pearson’s behalf and wish him every future success.”

Philip Hoffman said, “I am delighted to be taking on the role of Chairman of Penguin Random House, continuing the outstanding Board leadership begun by my colleague and friend John Makinson. Since my days at Penguin, book publishing has always been close to my heart. As a member of the Penguin Random House Board these past three years, I have really enjoyed working with Markus Dohle and his team, and I look forward to plugging in more deeply with them to help drive the continued success of this amazing company.”