A website designed to help authors self-publish and connect with others that can help edit and design their books has launched a series of free e-learning courses.

Reedsy Learning is a series of short courses designed to help educate authors about writing, publishing, and marketing amazing books.

Created by industrious professionals, each course lasts just 10 days, with a new lesson emailed every morning. Described as ‘fun-sized knowledge nuggets (that) can be absorbed in less than 5 minutes’ they are designed for people who want to learn more about how publishing works.

Their press release states:

Want to find out more about traditional or self-publishing? We have a bunch of courses to choose from. Need to get your rear into gear and grind out that first book? Writing coach Jennie Nash has written a course to educate and inspire you. Selling your book on the Kindle Store? Bestselling author Adam Houge will show you how Amazon’s Ranking Algorithms work and how you can use them to your advantage.

At the end of each course, we’ll send you an online quiz, designed to help you retain all that precious knowledge you’ve accumulated.