Tech startup Reedsy has released the first version of a digital book editor tool aimed at self-published authors.

The Reedsy Book Editor, is designed for all aspects of book creation including: collaborative writing, editing, designing and publishing.

It allows multiple users to work on a book at the same time. Authors get to invite either a co-author or editor to work on their book and make edits together in real-time. Everything is stored securely on Reedsy’s servers.

Times have changed,” said Matthew Cobb, Lead Designer at Reedsy. “Book distribution has been disrupted for a couple of years now. Authors can instantly publish their book to a global audience with relative ease. But what about the actual production process? There are many ‘writing tools’ out there, but none of them actually addresses the issues at the heart of authors’ problems.”

Authors will be able to write their book – from start to finish – and then export high­quality ePub and PDF files, ready for both digital and physical distribution. The only thing authors need to worry about is the content of their story. Authors maintain full autonomy over their manuscript from start to finish.

The final product can be used for publication on Amazon’s Kindle Store, Apple’s iBooks or any other e-book retailer. The PDF files will be compatible with most major print­on­demand services.

“This is not your average text editor,” said Cobb. “The powerful automated typesetting and formatting capabilities of The Reedsy Book Editor have been produced using the latest available technologies, after several months of development.”