The Financial Times reports that UK newspapers have published the first articles written by robots. At a time when trust is low and ‘fake news’ is blamed for global ills such as Trump and Brexit, it’s porobably the most foolhardy example of progress going.

Google Digital News – one of the key sites blamed for the fake news epidemic – has funded an initiative of the Press Association. The Reporters and Data Robots (RADAR) project inserts localised statistics into stories written by human reporters.  So far, 20 publications have published stories generated by RADAR.

The Wolverhampton-based Express and Star has reported the majority of new mothers in the city are unmarried. The Croydon Advertiser told its readers that seven potentially life-saving operations were cancelled at hospitals in the area in October.

Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary of the National Union of Journalists, described the software as a “useful tool,” stressing that a journalist must check any content before it goes out.

RADAR hopes to publish 30,000 stories each month