Findaway Voices is a new self-publishing platform for audiobooks. It connects authors with narrators and – once the title is completed – they are distributed all over the world to various subscription services, libraries and audiobook retailers.

There are currently few ways to create an audiobook. The Audiobook Creation Exchange by Audible is the most popular, but they are only available to authors living in Canada, US and United Kingdom. Authors Republic is another viable business, but they do not have much of a footprint and the platform is rarely promoted.

Findaway has developed their platform to work directly with authors. An author with an existing e-book can register with Findaway and tell them a little about their title. Findaway will need to know what the genre is and what type of narrator the author is looking for. This can be anything from “a female witch with a British accent” or “a male who speaks french and does impressions.” Findaway will then take your book and have five different narrators send them samples and a quote to do the job. The samples range in production values from a home setup to a proper studio. Once a narrator is selected the author pays a small deposit via credit card or Paypal and the balance once the product is completed.

Unlike other companies operating in the self-publishing space for audiobooks, Findaway works directly with the authors.

They deal with Apple iTunes, Audible,, Baker & Taylor, Nook Audiobooks, Overdrive, Scribd, Tunein and dozens of others. Once an audiobook is opted into all of these platforms a dashboard will inform the author whenever a sale is made. Some of the sales are produced in real time, while others have their own reporting schedule. Royalties are dependant on the company who is selling the book, there really isn’t an industry standard.