UK Literary Agents

The long and short of it is that if you are serious about being published by a conventional house, you’ll need an agent. It isn’t as simple as contacting one and asking them to look after your work. They need to be sure they can sell what you’ve written and this is why finding an agent is tough. You’ll be rejected far more than accepted.

Beware of scam agents. If they want money to read your work, edit your words or anything that suggests money is flowing away from the writer, don’t bite. ]

Because this list will date quickly, we recommend using a tool like Agent Hunter to find up-to-date information about who is looking for what.


The Agency (London)
Aitken Alexander Associates
Alan Brodie Representation
Amanda Howard Associates
Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
Andrew Mann Ltd
Annette Green Authors’ Agency
Anthony Harwood Ltd
The Ampersand Agency
Artellus Ltd
Blake Friedman
Book Blast Ltd
Jenny Brown Associates
Felicity Bryan
Georgina Capel Associates
Caroline Davidson Literary Agency
Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Ltd
Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
Christine Green Authors’ Agent
The Christopher Little Literary Agency
Conville & Walsh
Rupert Crew Ltd
Curtis Brown
Darley Anderson
David Higham Associates
The Dench Arnold Agency
Eddison Pearson Ltd
Elizabeth Puttick Literary Agency
Eric Glass Ltd
Essential Works Ltd
Eunice McMullen Children’s Literary Agent
Eve White Literary Agent
Felicity Bryan
Film Rights Ltd
Fraser Ross Associates
Futerman, Rose & Associates
Graham Maw Christie Literary Agency
Greene & Heaton Ltd
Greenhouse Literary Agency
Gregory & Company
Intercontinental Literary Agency
LAW Agency
Janet Fillingham Associates
Jenny Brown Associates
John Jarrold Literary Agent and Script Doctor
Laura Cecil Literary Agency
Laurence Fitch Ltd
Limelight Management
Lindsay Literary Agency
Lutyens and Rubinstein
Madeline Milburn
Marjaq Scripts
The Marsh Agency
MBA Literary Agents Ltd
Rupert Crew
Paterson Marsh Agency Ltd
Peake Associates
Pollinger Ltd
Puttick Agency
Redhammer Management Ltd
Robert Dudley Agency (RDA)
Rochelle Stevens & Company
Rod Hall Agency Ltd
Rupert Heath Literary Agency
The Sale Literary Agency
Sayle Screen Ltd
The Standen Literary Agency
The Suijin Agency Ltd
The Tennyson Agency
Toby Eady Associates Ltd
Wade & Doherty Literary Agency
Watson Little Ltd
William Morris
Wylie Agency (UK) Ltd